The NewsHour anchors, Jeffrey Brown at far right

The PBS NewsHour aired a terrific piece about Hamlet’s BlackBerry.  Correspondent Jeffrey Brown and producer Anne Davenport, along with their crew, spent an entire day at our house. The result deftly captures the book’s essence as well as what motivated me to write it.

Here’s Jeffrey Brown on the intersection between the book and my personal life:

“Now, Powers is no angry prophet spewing venom at modern life and its toys. He uses and loves them himself. He’s as multi as the next tasker, as a former reporter and longtime media columnist. And he knows very well that technology helps make his current lifestyle possible. Powers can write his articles from afar, and so can his wife, Martha Sherrill, who is working on her fifth book in another corner of their 150-year-old Cape house. They, along with 12-year-old William, who, like kids everywhere, loves his screens, can be as connected as they want or need to be. And, yet, says Powers, all that connection to the outside meant something lost inside the home.”

We also got to do a little canoeing.

You can watch the piece here.

(An “extended” video version of my interview with Brown is linked on the same page, including moments that didn’t make the final cut for television.)