Leonard Lopate

I was interviewed by Leonard  Lopate on his influential radio program, The Leonard Lopate Show, out of public-radio station WNYC in New York City.

Lopate  is known for his searching author interviews, and in our half-hour chat he asked some excellent questions about Hamlet’s BlackBerry that I had not been asked before.  For example:

“You’ve conceded that the use of a new technology has coincided with a change in the way people think.  And you cite the development of the printing press in the 1400s by Johannes Gutenberg of Germany as having helped usher in an age of linear thinking.  People weren’t thinking in a linear way before?”

An astute point. In reply, I noted that in talking about the supposed birth of linear thinking, I was only recounting Marshall McLuhan’s theory about the impact of Gutenberg on the mind, which I don’t subscribe to in its entirety.

It was a stimulating interview, and you can hear the whole thing here.