Debbie Hemley Read Hamlet's BlackBerry by Candlelight

A delightful review of Hamlet’s BlackBerry appeared on the front page of Technorati, the popular website for technology news, thought and gossip.  The reviewer, blogger and social-media expert Debbie Hemley, recounts her own experience reading the book during a blackout.

“I had come home earlier to discover that the electricity was out in our neighborhood since everyone had probably tried cranking up their air conditioners in the same millisecond. I was immediately captivated by Hamlet’s Blackberry, and with the author coming clean about how obsessed he had become with his multiple screens and how, for that matter, his whole family had, too.”

As the sun went down, Hemley was tempted to read the book by the glow of her smartphone.  But that wouldn’t be fitting for this book, she concluded, and instead lit some candles.

“And, so, I read that night by glorious candlelight. I read Hamlet’s Blackberry in the true spirit I believe it was written to comprehend. I read about the “Seven Philosophers of Screens” including Plato, Seneca, Gutenberg, Shakespeare, Franklin, Thoreau and McLuhan and how Digital Maximalism is the wrong approach. Powers suggests that connectedness serves us best when it’s balanced by its opposite, disconnectedness.”

Read the full review here.