Choose Your Medium

The New York Times published a review of Hamlet’s BlackBerry in its Sunday Book Review section.

Critic Laurie Winer called the book “an elegant meditation on our obsessive connectivity,” and noted, “his ruminations are penetrating, his language clear and strong, and his historical references are restorative.”

Her thoughtful review ends with an idea that drove the essay Hamlet’s BlackBerry but doesn’t loom so large in the book – the enduring utility of paper as medium. Winer writes:

“As a salve for those who are perhaps prematurely mourning the death of paper, Powers writes of his preference for jotting down ideas in a Moleskine notebook, a ‘seemingly anachronistic tool’ that he feels is essential to his well-being. Most writers still love paper. Some things are irreplaceable, and Powers explains why. His notebook allows him to ‘pull ideas not only out of my mind but out of the ethereal digital dimension and give them material presence and stability. Yes, you exist, the notebook reminds us, you are worthy of this world.”

It’s a good read, and the full version is here.