Ronn Owens

My first interview in the Bay Area was with San Francisco talk-radio legend Ronn Owens of KGO-AM SanFrancisco.

It was a rollicking hour-long interview, and huge fun. Ronn asked me at the outset to stay away from anything “touchy-feely.” I agreed to try but lapsed a few times. He didn’t seem to mind.

At one point we ad-libbed a mattress commercial.

Ronn, a self-described gadget-lover, seemed into the Hamlet’s BlackBerry philosophy.

He has a big following:  more than a few of the people who came to my Bay Rea readings mentioned that they’d heard me on the Ronn Owens Show.

The interview doesn’t appear to be archived online. I like the idea that radio sometimes just floats off into the atmosphere, unrecoverable.

For a taste of Ronn, visit his Twitter page.