The Daily, a Newspaper for the iPad

I wrote a piece for The Daily, the new iPad newspaper, about the evolutionary shift that I see happening all around us in digital technology and culture. After two decades of enthusiasm for the new connectedness, and uncritical applause for all devices that make us MORE connected – and therefore, busier and more crowd-dependent –  we’ve begun a course correction.

The philosophy I call Digital Maximalism ( the more connected you are, the better) isn’t working. People everywhere are realizing that it’s time to work some disconnectedness back into the equation. Some of the most prominent figures in the digital world, people who used to preach the virtues of the 24/7 screen life, have discovered that it’s no way to live.

The point of the column is that technology itself can help us by changing the way it delivers information. It’s happened many times before in human history, and I have no doubt it will happen again. Our tools will evolve and improve, so we can do the same.

A web version of the piece (not half as good-looking as the original iPad version) is here.