Claire Shipman

On the day Hamlet’s BlackBerry was published, I appeared on Good Morning America, talking about digitally addicted families and what we can gain by better balancing our digital lives. I was interviewed, talking about my family’s ritual of disconnected weekends – what we call the Internet Sabbath – and other aspects of the book.

At the end of the piece, correspondent Claire Shipman, speaking from what appeared to be her kitchen, said the Internet Sabbath sounded like just the thing for overconnected families, including her own:

“Do you have a problem? Are you missing important events? Do you miss your electronic gadgets long after you’ve put them away? You might need an Internet Sabbath. And I’ll tell you . . . doing this piece made me realize that our family certainly needs one.”

The text of the GMA piece, with a link to the “extended” video version (not quite the same as what aired) is here.