The Paperback Edition

Ta – Da.

Here’s the paperback, just out. When HarperCollins first told me they were thinking of giving it a new jacket, I was nervous. I liked the hardcover jacket a lot. And in my travels this past year, more than a few people told me the smiling smartphone made the book feel friendly to them.

But then I saw this. And it was orange. Not just any orange, but a cheerful orange full of good vibes. With a simple graphic rendition of my message. Suddenly, I didn’t miss the smiley-face at all.

I hope readers like it, too. Publishing industry types tell me e-books have seriously eaten into the old paperback market. But I know there are a lot of people out there who like holding a nice, well-designed softcover in their hands.

As a kid, I spent so many happy hours with paperbacks – the skinny old Vonneguts and Bradburys, the black Penguin edition of The Odyssey I still keep close by (on the cover are scrawled the words “19 YEARS GONE” – how long Odysseus was away from home – in my teenage hand) and so many others. The paperback is really the talisman of my reading life, and I’ve always dreamed of having one with my name on it.

In short, I’m really happy to see the book in these new clothes.