Writer, technologist and author of Hamlet’s BlackBerry, the New York Times bestseller

Tired of how digital machines prey on your attention? Feeling like a prisoner of your devices? Love technology but wish there were a smarter way to live with it?

Lively and original, Hamlet’s BlackBerry offers a fresh, humane approach to digital life, one that individuals, families, businesses and other organizations can use to make better, smarter use of today’s technologies.

“An elegant meditation on our obsessive connectivity and its effect on our brains and our very way of life.” The New York Times

“Incisive. . . Refreshing. . . Compelling.” Publishers Weekly

Hamlet’s BlackBerry “changed my life . . . and when was the last time you said that about a book?” best-selling author Laura Lippman, Salon

“[E]ven a jaded reader is likely to be won over by Hamlet’s BlackBerry.” The Wall Street Journal

“Powers . . . moves beyond the debate over whether technology makes us smarter or dumber and focuses on what really matters: how do we learn to cope with it.” The Atlantic

“William Powers, brave in intent and wise in argument, offers in these pages an oasis of serenity and sanity.” best-selling author Simon Winchester